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From Scratch

It is with much excitement that I am writing this post to share with you that after a few years of following recipe’s to the letter I have finally gathered the skill and the courage to make up my own.
As you know I have been on a bit of a health buzz lately so substituted a number of ingredients in the recipe’s I’ve been using and some how this has helped to unlock my own creativity and given me the confidence to write my own recipe from scratch.
It really wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, but I think the trick is to ensure that you get your quantities correct – enough liquid ingredients vs dry ingredients. So recipe No.1 is done and dusted, very excited to share some more from the “Cupcake Couture Diary” – thought this would be a cool name for my own recipe creations.
So here they are… my Apple and Peach Oat and 4Seed strudel Muffins

Loaded Health Muffin(1)

Not to toot my own horn, but they really were a great hit. You know what most people hate about health muffins  are how dry they are, but these mini bombs of flavor were moist and light. They also baked to a nice golden brown with a bit of a chewy crust. The fruit wasn’t overly visible and the 4 seeds gave a nice little crunch to every bite.

Loaded Health Muffin(2)

If your keen to try them out, drop me a line and I’ll share it with you, they make +/- 24 units. Oh and 3 of the star ingredients is the Almond Milk, Organic or Regular Rolled Oats and the 4Seed Mix (Sunflower, Pumpkin, Flaxseed, Sesame). These seeds are so super healthy and give you an awesome energy boost you need, whether you enjoy them in the morning as a breakfast on the run or afternoon snack.
Switch up
Almond Milk, Rolled Oats and 4Seed Mix
I need to just add that I really appreciate all the support from all of you guys – for paying a keen interest in this blog, reading the posts and commenting really means a great deal; as I really enjoy getting feedback from you so please keep it up.
Happy Baking 


Ps: If your in the Cape Town area I hope to see you at the Constantia Market this coming week-end, I’ll be making my first trading appearance for the new year, so let me know if you would like more info (date and time) – I plan on having a great table of treats for sale.



mmm…Breakfast Muffins


I found this awesome easy to make breakfast muffin recipe – it’s especially useful to grab when you’re busy and on the run. Breakfast is statistically the most important meal of the day and these little gems ensure that when I have a busy day planned I don’t skip it. I know they look a little small and you’re probably wondering how they fill you, but trust me they do and they are slow release, which means 1 muffin gives you enough energy to sustain you till lunch.

I found the recipe on Food in a minute (link above) and although I changed the recipe up slightly, it still turned out perfectly. I did some subtle substitutions as I am trying very hard to lessen my gluten intake. So instead of the 1 cup flour… I used 1/2 Almond Flour and 1/2 organic rolled oats. I also substituted the 2%milk with low fat coconut milk. You can also substitute the peaches with any other variety of canned fruit – just make sure it’s the reduced sugar option.


12 Muffins and 2 mini heart

Since deciding to introduce healthier alternatives to my diet without drastically changing my eating I’ve found I actually enjoy the whole lifestyle and would recommend that anyone wanting to lose a few extra kilo’s or wanting to improve their healthy foods intake use this method, rather than committing to a harsh diet that tells you it’s okay to enjoy cheat days… this way I don’t need a cheat day and I actually look forward to meals as I’m not being instructed to eating cardboard or drink flavorless soups.


Valentines day is also coming up, so I experimented with making some heart shaped muffins in my pink ramekins, and for an extra bit of love I dusted them lightly with some icing sugar. If you’re keen to give this a try you can pretty them up with extra fruit on the side, some coffee/tea/juice and flours from your garden, for that special someone on valentines day!


I hope you’re enjoying these posts… whilst business is quiet it gives me a great opportunity to share and connect with you guys on a different level.

 Happy Baking


Summer Sun, Health Breakfast and the Beach…

Summer Sun, Health Breakfast and the Beach…

Hi everyone… 2014 is getting off to a very healthy start – I’ve decided to challenge myself to get back into my university fit body. Not just in terms of weight, but also to feel healthier, happier and more energetic so I can really take on 2014.

Before I get to the edibles just for interest sake I’ve been following Cassey Ho from Blogilates as she unpacks a month long daily workout routine for beginners. Although I’m no stranger to Pilates or exercise it’s been a while, and I’m a little out of shape; so starting off at the beginning is great. If your keen, you are welcome to check her out on her web page: or on her youtube channel:  I’ve got the first workout for the beginners monthly calendar below. 

Anyway now that you know what I’m filling my extra time with I must add that along with the fitness routine comes a whole new menu. Please don’t get me wrong – I am still in love with all things sweet, decadent and dreamy… but since I’m going with this, I’m going to do it full circle. I’ve found some awesome blogs that I’m following on my Facebook page; which I’ve been using for my meal inspirations.

If your keen I will be more than happy to share our evening meal calendar with you, as well as awesome links to some of the blogs I’ve tapped into for inspiration. As a little idea this was dinner for day one of our new year, new me start:

Tuna-Corn Green Salad

So Saturday past I spent on the beach… enjoying an early morning workout with bambi legs  – some interval running on the sand to get the cardio working and then squats, star-jumps and other cool nature type exercises that give you an all round full-body workout plus a super awesome view of mother nature.

Needless to say we worked up quite an appetite, so we popped over to mine where I whipped up some Oat-meal, almond and Greek Yogurt flapjacks with a variety of fruit and maple syrup as well as some dried bacon (less fat), poached eggs and cherry tomatoes in organic balsamic vinegar.

Note that the recipe I used for my flap jacks was adapted slightly from the original, which I got from Ambitious Kitchen

( as I wanted to accommodate my mom I made mine gluten free by substituting the 1 cup of flower with 1/2 almond flour and the other 1/2 with gluten free oatmeal. I also had some ready made cinnamon apples which I made a few weeks earlier so I figured instead of using the fruit she used to top her flap jacks, I I would use those, along with some other fruit for all to have their pick. 


Apologies for some of the poor picture quality… the camera’s lens was a little steamed up and moggy from the fresh beach air from earlier the morning.

Saturday Morning Health Breakfast






It was an awesome morning for mind, body and soul. I especially loved the time I spent with my precious family… getting fit and healthy together.

 Happy Baking Guys



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