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Easter Long week-end… A Good Friday Snapshot

Yip Easter 2014 Long week-end has come and gone. It once again proved to be an awesome time spent with the family, not to mention a great time to relax. Hubby made his Pickled Fish… which is the tradition for this time of year, but also for Hubby who is now dubbed the King of the Kitchen at Easter. I am sure you can recall from my post last year that I can not stand the smell of the onion and vinegar mix… I must confess that I have found an awesome little orange peel and cinnamon boil up which counteracts the odor leaving a great warm sent after the pickle fish preparation.

Good Friday Lunch (1)

Good Friday Lunch (2)

This year I decided to make my own Hot-cross buns… I used the Paul Hollywood variation of this classic bun. I must say that it was a bit time consuming, but well worth the effort and the time. Like most of the comments on the online recipe I also added additional spices and fruit. My sister also doesn’t like raisins so I made her a chocolate-chip option using the same dough. I used this recipe: and I was not disappointed… the other plus is that we had them fresh out the oven ready for lunch.

Homemade Easter Hot-cross Buns (2)

Homemade Easter Hot-cross Buns (1)

I also made some chicken pie, with an Easter theme and my mom did the veg – we had this as a second course which always compliments Good Friday lunch beautifully. Last year my mom was away so it was really nice to have her home this year to really enjoy the week-end together as a family. My cousin and his girlfriend also popped by for lunch, which made the day extra special to me!

Chicken and Mushroom Pie (1)

I feel a bit like an infomercial now… “but wait there’s more, if you sign up today you will also get” some dessert. Yip I tried my hand at the famous Hummingbird Cake. I have heard and read so much about this American classic I had to see what the fuss was all about. All I can say is that it is one of my new all time favorites. So easy to make and really just an awesome cake. So awesome I am going to dedicate an entire post to it… from recipe used to links to other blogs who have tried it, but for the curious few here’s a picture.

Hummingbird Cake (1)

I hope you all had a Blessed and safe Easter week-end. Let me know what you got up to or if you tried your culinary hand at some new cooking or baking recipe’s. I’m always eager to hear from you.

Happy Baking



Easter long week-end has come and gone

Easter is a really special celebration in the Christian calendar and the menu choices from savory to sweet usually has some or other symbolic meaning or reference to the event. Personally I am sure there is a great deal more tradition tied up in it all more than anything else – but that’s just an opinion.

Long weekend mash up

I know, in my household pickled fish and hot cross buns are a tradition and usually eating meat during this time is a huge no-no. My husband is the pickle fish King  – much to my unhappiness as I am not a fish lover and can’t stand the smell of onions, so he know’s to be busy while I am out the house… I love the hot cross buns though and could eat them all year round. But for the record, and not because he’s a follower .. I need to admit that if I am having any pickled fish it’s his – it tastes awesome and a meal I could happily enjoy!!!!!!

This Easter the menu was as follows:

Hot cross buns

Easter Friday

Pickled Fish

Hot-cross buns

Chocolate brownies and cream

Husbands awesome Pickled Fish

We don’t have any young children in the house so an Easter egg hunt was not on the list for the days events; however it would have been a great idea to get the adults to have a bit of fun – but I’m sure the dogs would have gotten to the hiding spots long before we did. Not ideal, so we’ll place that event on hold – for now.

Easter Sunday

Pickle Fish starter

Chicken pie mains

Carrot cupcakes and coffee dessert

Easter Sunday...

My mom was away this long week-end, so it was just the usual 4 (Dad, sister and husband)… we missed her loads though so we kept her updated with loads of pic’s and messages.

Carrot Cupcakes and Decor

Easter cakes

I didn’t make a super big deal of dessert this year, I think it’s because I needed to take full advantage of the long week-end and fit so many other things in. I promise next year I plan on making my own Hot cross buns and the creativity scale for the dessert, coffee/tea area will also climb a few notches so watch out 2014.

I spent the day out with my awesome sister the Saturday and ended the long week-end off with a really funny and witty movie… if you have some time you should rent it or catch it this month on DSTV as I see it’s on the movie line up for the month.


I don’t want to say to much about the movie, as I don’t want to spoil it for you – but for every baker/cook blogger this would be a real treat and awesome laugh.

I trust you all had a Blessed Easter long week-end, I know I did

Happy Baking


Easter Yellow Chick Cupcakes

Easter is coming up and it is so great to see what other baker-bloggers are up to. I have to add that some of the idea’s are so out of the box, cute and original I just have to Reblog and share. Hopefully you will gain some inspiration and nifty tips for your own baked Easter treats.

Happy Baking



chicks, yellow chicks, easter chicks, Easter_Cupcakes, dessert, cupcakes, carrot, easter, holiday, buttercream, frosting, cupcake

Say ‘Chick’ with these adorable Easter Yellow Chick Cupcakes and you can even learn a step by step tutorial of how to make these Easter cupcakes. How good is that? Birds nest, yellow chicks, and pink, aqua, white Easter eggs. Plus the bamboo bird nest. Easter feels right in front of my eyes, right this moment. Get your basic vanilla cupcakes ready, let’s go on a creative trip of how to make these Easter chicks.


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