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Not enough hours in a day…

Hi everyone, from the title you may have already guessed I am not going to apologies for being so scarce. Life happens and although I should be more dedicated to writing and sharing I just can not stretch the hours in my day, week or month any more than you can.

With this confession I really do salute working mom’s and dad’s who make it all look and sound so easy to work full-time and raise a family. So this post is dedicated to them. I actually have another reason for thinking along this path. Our Family had to say good-buy to a very dear friend earlier this month who’s life really was such an inspiration to those who were lucky enough to share it with him so Uncle Kieth here is to you: for all your hard-work, dedication and commitment to your craft, but more importantly your family I trust that where you are, you are able to just take a load off.

So with everything going on, the hustle and bustle of everyday life, both the planned and unplanned I often need to remind myself of what is important and re-focus my energies and attention… so I came across the quote:

Life Like a Camera

It is so true and I couldn’t help but giggle a little as I read it… because the irony of the quote is that we have become those people that do almost all of our learning and experiencing through the lens of other peoples camera’s we forget we have our own “lives” that need living. It’s like we have just stopped developing memories to remember our good times, everything is digital and equally moving at such a fast pace we are all feverishly trying to catch up too, so instead we become bogged down by the negatives and forget we can take another “shot”.

So in the time that I have been somewhat M.I.A I have decided to juts slow down my pace… enjoy life just a little more than usual and relax. I rekindled the joy reading a good book brings, and really took that to the next level. I have finished 2 trilogies and a 2-part series. Currently I am on the second book of a memoir series that I am absolutely enjoying. What good books have you been reading lately? I know I posted on my Facebook page in the week asking what you guys out there prefer… paper back or e-books. From the responses I’ve received sounds like the real deal still ranks very high up in the preference category. I have to admit I’ve gone the e-book route for all my non-baking books, it’s greener for the environment and saves a great deal of space.

So in keeping with taking things a little slower I had some time to take stock of all my many recipe books, from special techniques to all about chocolate, I was rather surprised at just how many I had, not to mention the few I’ve taken from my mom. So breaking away slightly from the norm and in keeping with my renewed connection to reading and the need to slow things down a notch, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite baking books and recipe’s.


These 7 books are, but a drop in the ocean of my recipe and cake decorating book collection, but they are the one’s I probably use the most. For inspiration, refresher on a technique and or for a recipe. Most of my books are not local, so sometimes sourcing some of the ingredients can be a challenge, however on the positive side it’s also an opportunity to do something different and learn something new.

Step by Step Baking

Step by Step Cake decorating

These two Step-by-Step books are awesome, from the beautifully illustrated pictures to the shared techniques. What I also really love about them are the use of easy to follow instructions. If your a beginner and non-classically trained these will be super additions to your collection.

One of the many local authors is Katrien van Zyl who have a few books out, she is really good at sharing her skills and techniques in a very simple to follow guide. The step-by-step depictions really makes you want to whip something up just to try the new skill learnt.

Katrien's Mini Cakes

There was a stage that I would find awesome books and pin point them out to family so that when next I celebrated a birthday or they felt the need to spoil me I could get a cool book. 1 such gift was this cute little book of American style homemade favorites just like Aunt May next door would make.

Homemade Baking

The very first cake I tried out of this book was the Rocky Road, this has always been something a little odd, but fascinating to me and it was really good, very sweet but oh so chocolaty. Tell me it doesn’t look gorgeous

Rocky Road

I took a picture of the recipe for you… if you decide to try it do let me know or if you have your own do share. I like to try different recipe’s and through it adapting each one as I go along until I’ve found the balance I like.

Rocky Road(2)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as have in writing it. Please do comment below if you would like to share some of the recipe’s you have found over the years or any cool tips on how you take things slow in this very busy life.

For those of you celebrating Easter have a Blessed one and for everyone able to have the time off, I hope you can enjoy it in good company.

Happy Baking and enjoy some pause time



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I am a qualified social worker... who works for an IT company and loves, loves, loves baking. My two very adorable dogs basically rule my life with their cuteness and I have a loving, supportive husband who needs to deal with it all...

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  1. With regard to the camera thing – a negative attitude can be developed in a dark room so always be positive and stay out of dark rooms. Love your posts but I think I will stay off of the rocky roads – I am far too heavy for my suspension to survive such decadence. Lots of love from the cookie monster.


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