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It’s Wedding Season Again

Hi everyone, I know it’s been a while since I last posted… but, I’ve just been so busy – which is an awesomely great thing!! it does however mean though that I don’t get to write lengthy blog posts for all you intrigued readers… hahaha. Um, well not on time anyway:-)

Capetonians, how crazy has the weather been these last few weeks. Flash floods in almost every area, but yes, winter is slowly packing up and moving off to chase summer back to Cape Town. Bringing with it love, romance and of course Weddings. So I’ve just done my first wedding for the 2013/2014 spring/summer season so here’s to many more.

I know I’ve done a post on weddings before, but I tell you it just never get’s old and the trends, theme’s and colours are always changing – which makes it new and exciting every time. I was asked to do a wedding cake for a semi traditional wedding this past week-end and let me tell you the baking was the easy part. Keeping up with the many traditional customs was what made this wedding so different.

The bride and grooms respective families literally battled each other in song and dance after the wedding – it was the most dancing and singing I have witnessed at a wedding in my life and this without any music – it was like flash mob. The melody was all in their voices and moves synchronized from the pointing figures to the swaying hips . The colours and traditional dresses that some of the guests wore was out of this world and it brought the cultural aspect of this somewhat modern ceremony to life.




So the bride went with blue, white and silver as her main colour theme and asked me to go with the cupcake wedding cake… which as I am sure most of you know is still a huge favorite and it really cuts down the cost of having many fancy desserts, especially if working with a budget indicative of our current economy. The cupcakes are also a great guest favor as they can take it home if handed out after the event. I know that’s what I did for my Wedding and a year and a few months later I am still receiving awesome compliments.



Anyway the groom of this wedding is very much a traditionalist and to reflect this in the cake I made a small traditional hut at the top of the cupcake tier. I really loved this idea as it just tied in the culturally traditional theme with the modern so nicely. Neither the bride or the groom wanted anything too fancy or elaborate so it was exactly that and they used the cupcakes as their dessert on their menu.

Traditional Hut

I will definitely do a post with step-by step pictures of the hut , as I used my large cupcake baking pan… which is such an awesome little thing. You can basically transform it into so many things. I’m just waiting for a mom to order a fairy cake because you know what… I’m using that same baking pan to make a toadstool, honestly like I said, the creative possibilities with just this baking pan is endless.

James and Bongi

Well thanks to the couple for allowing me to share in their special occasion. So here’s to Bongi and James… I wish you both a prosperous marriage ahead with many Blessings, and I trust that those who shared in your day with you made it special and equally memorable.

If you want to see more pictures, feel free to have a look on my Facebook page:

Happy Baking everyone



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