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Beautiful Baby Shower

Baby shower… nope not mine, but a good friends, her and her husband decided to invest in me and I hope I didn’t disappoint. But from the rate those mini tarts flew off the stand I don’t think I did… but I’ll get a word for word from the couple some time this month, with every critical angel covered and report back to you – giggle, giggle… we have to learn somewhere.

As most of you know baking is not my full-time profession, and the little tips and tricks I pick up are from hours spent reading others bogs, watching u-tube tutorials and taking short courses. I must admit that the baking community I’ve had contact with so far have all been so welcoming and sharing of their tips, techniques and wise advise and I THANK YOU for that. However this will be my first and last moan on this topic, but to those of you out there that dislike us neebies, all I have to say is tough, we’re here to stay and regardless of your immature attempt to scare me off here I still am!! Rite now that it’s off my chest I can go on celebrating this awesome opportunity I was given.

The theme of the baby shower was stripes and polka-dots… so adorable for a little girl soon to be gracing us with her blessed presents. The focus colurs pink and purple, so because it’s a baby… I went with soft pink and baby lilac a really great colour combination.

Little Feet

Little Feet

I’m not going to bore you with the details of the order, other than to say it had me busy and my two adoring dogs were not impressed that I was spending my time on other things rather than focused on them and their cuteness. So as I was preparing my work space and all my utensils and ingredients, I realised I had some how misplaced the purple gel food colouring. I must have spend about 15-30 minutes looking for it and decided to give it up and rather pop out to the store and get some more. I kid you not, I was probably gone no more than  an hour and was welcomed home by the loss of 5kg’s of flour I purchased for the big bake. The pictures below tells the rest of that story.

We were just trying to help mom

So after the massive clean up and inward giggle with outward frustration to prove that I was cross with my two terrors I looked at the time and half of my two day head start had trickled away. So in a panic I frantically began. With 12:00am approaching I decided to end day one and I was a little less than half way and I was no where close to ready with the 2-Tier 70 slice square cake.

Day 2, the day before the big event I was up at 5:00am, cleaned and cleared my late night mess and in a manic panic I began to run through everything that still needed doing… Ice and decorate the cupcakes, make the tarts (chocolate, lemon meringue, custard and apple) and more importantly stack, cover and decorate the cake. Luckily for me my mom, my hero, decided to come and help me out. So with the extra set of hands and a laugh through the stressful moments I managed to complete the order at exactly 01:45am the morning of the baby shower.

Packed and Ready for Delivery2

The order was delivered on time, I did the set-up and with loads of time to spare was able to get back home and get ready for the baby shower.

Pink and Purple Stripes and Polka-dots

I have not attended many baby showers in my little lifetime, but I will tell you this much… should the day come for me I would want to replicate this one – not because of the food, the music or the decor, but because of the Blessings, Family, Friendship and Laughter I experienced there.


Amber Rae Pinsloo, I can not wait for your arrival, you are going to be so Blessed and so loved… brace yourself little Princess, because it’s coming down in bucket loads.

So I end this post with the below quote…

download (1)

It’s Woman’s Day tomorrow so to all the Ladies, I hope you have a super awesome day and the Gentleman in your lives do something a little special, just to show their appreciation for all that you do… and remember “A Party without Cake, is just a meeting” – Julia Child.

Happy Baking



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I am a qualified social worker... who works for an IT company and loves, loves, loves baking. My two very adorable dogs basically rule my life with their cuteness and I have a loving, supportive husband who needs to deal with it all...

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