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Fathers Day spoil…

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I know it’s more common practice to shower down on mom’s on mothers day, than it is on dad’s at fathers day. But this fathers day I really want to take some time out and say a really big THANK YOU to my dad.

My dad’s amazing and he’s both a father and a dad – he loves on my sister and I all the time, but never shy to shift us back in line if he thinks we’ve over stepped. So this post goes out to him on a very special Fathers Day. For my Father in-law who passed away last year… we missing you this year.

A few weeks back my dad spoke to my sister about this gadget he had his eye on, something a little pricey in our opinion for just a fathers day gift… but after much debate we decided to go ahead and splash out on the man that provides not only much love and entertainment in our home, but also much frustration – our dad.


Our morning started off with a little celebratory breakfast, at an old fashioned American Mom and Pop’s diner.

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Breakfast at Joe's Easy Diner

We really had a good time, laughing and talking and even gave my dad a small box of chocolates and told him that it, along with the breakfast was his fathers day gift. You could see the glisten in his eyes died just slightly, as I am sure he was excitedly waiting for the gift he had hinted at… which we have saved as a surprise.

After breakfast we did a quick bit of shopping, and I finally bought some almond flour… so next post will be the beginners Macaroon post… so watch this space. But for this fathers day tea, I decided to leave the cakes behind and go completely tarty…

Both the Custard Tart as well as the Milk Chocolate Tart recipe’s I adapted from Andy Bates recipe’s… both of whuch you can find on the FoodNetwork UK ‘s site []. There is also a step-by-step u-tube tutorial if you would like the extra tips and advice from the man himself.

So I started off by making the shortcrust pastry – once this is made you need to let it rest for at least 2 hours in the fridge… I prefer to make mine the day before use, to ensure a nice firm dough to work with.

Shortcrust Pastry Steps

 Ensure that your rolling our surface is clean and dry, dust it with cake flour and roll the dough to the thickness of your desire… some people prefer a thin crust some a slightly thinker crust – completely your call, but doe bare your tart dish and filling in mind.

A very cool tip from Andy Bates, was the use of your rolling-pin to pick up the dough to place over your tart dish.

Then it’s time to blind bake and fill…

Blind bake and filling

Un-baked Milk Chocolate Tart

The Milk Chocolate Tart has a very nice gloss before it goes into the oven, it loses this gloss once it’s been baked though. So for time I just sprinkled confectioners/icing sugar on top after cooling. The alternative is to make a quick mix of heavy cream, honey and chocolate all melted down to glaze the surface of this tart, to give it that mirror effect… I didn’t use the shortcrust pastry for the Milk Chocolate Tart, instead I did a chocolate and cashew-nut baked base; which complimented the filling nicely.


For the third tart I did a little Cranberry and apply… using Andy’s short-crust pastry; but making my own apple filling on the stove top. I just poached the apple slices and cranberry in a few table spoons of sugar and cinnamon. Just softening the apple slightly… I took a few slices and mashed them to make a sauce and left the rest of the filling whole.

Chocolate, Custard and Apple

Then it was time for 4:00pm tea…Chocolate, Custard and Apple Tarts


Due to the extreme coffee intake over breakfast, we opted for some tea, so had a red cappuccino, which was absolutely heavenly. It’s the traditional South African Rooibos Tea, made in an electric coffee maker with steamed milk and froth… yum!!! A South African Cappuccino with a twist.


Dad was finally given his surprise and judging from the over the moon smile on his face, I think my sister and I did a great job. This was a fathers day to remember… everything went according to plan and it really was perfect.




Thanks Dad for being a father, a role model, a friend and the best dad a girl could ever dream of having – I love you and really appreciate all that you do and mean to me.

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Happy Fathers Day to all the new dad’s, old dads and soon to be dad’s… I hope you had a super awesome day.

Do let me know if you baked anything for your dad this fathers day past…

Happy Baking



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    Hi Shani how you doing wonderful and interesting reading and recipes as usual. You really make it all sound so easy and don’t forget fun. Can’t wait for next update. Luv Yvonne hope to be seeing you sometime soon.
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