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…Zesty Lemon and Lime…

1st attempt

My sister is not so much a sweet tooth as she is a savory gal, however she loves a good Lemon Meringue Pie. I have got to admit I like a good lemon meringue myself, however it’s not always the easiest to find. We have tried every bakery we know in our neck of the world and come to the conclusion that there really is such a fine balance between too sour or too sweet and the technique of getting the meringue not to weep as well as the right pie crust pairing is all part of the challenge.

A fellow blogger and follower, Jennifer Findlay of Coffee&Couch blog inspired me… so I have been doing some research on getting that balance just right, and to my surprise it’s actually not rocket science at all.  It just boils down to the correct consistency and blend of lemons and limes, blind baking a homemade shortcrust pie pastry and ensuring the sugar ratio in your egg whites are correct. Okay… I am sure a few of you are yelling some special baking terms at me now, but it was a combination that worked for me.

Ground work

The filling is very important, as it is essentially the star of the pie. My sentiments are that it’s called “Lemon Meringue” not Sweet Meringue with a hint of Lemon. So I changed up the recipe slightly and used half lemon half lime juice… just to give it that slightly tangier taste. The other key is to continue stirring whilst the mixture is on a low heat – I found using a whisk worked better than a wooden spoon as it does thicken quickly and the last thing you want or need are lumps.

For my crust I prefer using a baked shortcrust, as I know some use the crushed biscuits and butter – but that to me is more of a cheese cake type base. So you need to blind bake the crust, especially if you are not going to put your whipped egg white topped pie into the oven to bake. Besides you won’t leave the pie in the oven long enough for the crust to bake once the Meringue is added anyway and a soggy crust is not at all yum. The filling is also finished if prepared on the stove top, so no need to worry about that.

For the egg whites, make sure you beat them to a peak in a bowl that is completely grease free, or your peaks won’t form. I also added some cream of tarter, do this whilst beating your egg whites, the same with the sugar. Once you are happy with how the peaks form in the mixing bowl it’s ready to be spooned on top of the filling in the baked pie crust.

Filling and Crust

Meringue topping

As you can see I used a blow torch to brown my meringue peaks… you can however place the pie in the oven, but I find this to be a nicer and more consistent finish.

Steps 1-3

So in 3 easy steps you have your Lemon Meringue Pie…. or after my changes your Lemon and Lime Meringue Pie. I will post my recipe, once I decipher it between my scrawls in my note book, but you should also check out “a busy mom’s” blog ( and the “all-desserts” ( blog for their Lemon Meringue recipes.

I have to say a huge thanks to Jen for the inspiration, you can check out her “tipsy lemon meringue pie” at this link (, I didn’t have all the ingredients for her crust, but I will definitely give it a try some time.

Lemon and Lime Meringue Pie

Personally for my first attempt I think I did an awesome job… and getting that same reassurance from my family who enjoyed it with me makes me beyond a happy baker. We enjoyed this with a large Cappuccino and a fat chat.

I guess my 2 cents worth of wisdom is never to think a recipe is to difficult or to challenging until you’ve tried it… and I am speaking as much to you as I am to myself; as I so need to get my fear aside and try my hand at macaroons. But until I do tell me what new and exciting bakes you have made – from the rescued flops to the perfect bite.

Happy Baking



Felt Cupcake Pincushions

I thought this was just way to cute not to re-blog and share. Cool gift idea for a Kitchen tea or baby shower… or just a girly tea party take away gift.




Cupcakes are not only good for eating, cupcakes can be made into soft furniture and decorate your rooms in a very comfortable way. These Felt Cupcake Pincushions are made in girly colours such as pink, blue, green and brown. These cupcake cushions are a great and practical way to decorate your room. They can be easily used as foot stools and cushions. Be creative, and use different colour schemes to match your wall colours. These felt cupcake pincushions are easy to make and you can use up the leftover cloth from your curtains or any other furniture.


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Easter long week-end has come and gone

Easter is a really special celebration in the Christian calendar and the menu choices from savory to sweet usually has some or other symbolic meaning or reference to the event. Personally I am sure there is a great deal more tradition tied up in it all more than anything else – but that’s just an opinion.

Long weekend mash up

I know, in my household pickled fish and hot cross buns are a tradition and usually eating meat during this time is a huge no-no. My husband is the pickle fish King  – much to my unhappiness as I am not a fish lover and can’t stand the smell of onions, so he know’s to be busy while I am out the house… I love the hot cross buns though and could eat them all year round. But for the record, and not because he’s a follower .. I need to admit that if I am having any pickled fish it’s his – it tastes awesome and a meal I could happily enjoy!!!!!!

This Easter the menu was as follows:

Hot cross buns

Easter Friday

Pickled Fish

Hot-cross buns

Chocolate brownies and cream

Husbands awesome Pickled Fish

We don’t have any young children in the house so an Easter egg hunt was not on the list for the days events; however it would have been a great idea to get the adults to have a bit of fun – but I’m sure the dogs would have gotten to the hiding spots long before we did. Not ideal, so we’ll place that event on hold – for now.

Easter Sunday

Pickle Fish starter

Chicken pie mains

Carrot cupcakes and coffee dessert

Easter Sunday...

My mom was away this long week-end, so it was just the usual 4 (Dad, sister and husband)… we missed her loads though so we kept her updated with loads of pic’s and messages.

Carrot Cupcakes and Decor

Easter cakes

I didn’t make a super big deal of dessert this year, I think it’s because I needed to take full advantage of the long week-end and fit so many other things in. I promise next year I plan on making my own Hot cross buns and the creativity scale for the dessert, coffee/tea area will also climb a few notches so watch out 2014.

I spent the day out with my awesome sister the Saturday and ended the long week-end off with a really funny and witty movie… if you have some time you should rent it or catch it this month on DSTV as I see it’s on the movie line up for the month.


I don’t want to say to much about the movie, as I don’t want to spoil it for you – but for every baker/cook blogger this would be a real treat and awesome laugh.

I trust you all had a Blessed Easter long week-end, I know I did

Happy Baking



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