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…I’m finally putting it out there

I decided at the beginning of the year that I was really going to put my product and my brand out there… so that is exactly what I did.

Car Boot Sale_Market Day

Before I say anything more I really do just have to thank my awesomely amazing family for their constant support. You are all my heart and soul and when I think of the negatives that so often creep in I remind myself of the love and kind words you always have, could not have come this far without you – Thank you!!!!

Follow her Fashion Blog at

Follow her Fashion Blog at

So my sister/fashion Blogger/Photographer did an awesome job at capturing the moment and I know I don’t have much before pictures, but I promise now that I have my hands-free mixer I will make more effort to take some step-by-step images as well as beautifully laid out pictures of the finished product… like all the other bloggers I follow do. I also really want to post tutorial of some of my baked goods… so watch that space.

Car Boot Sale

The market/car boot sale that I used for  trading is one close to home and is open for trade only on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

I think the great thing about this market is that the money paid for your day traders licence goes to a noble charity, namely S.A.R.D.A (South African Riding for the Disabled Association). 

 I was introduced to this organization through my mom and the work she does as a teacher for the special needs.  If you are keen to learn more about the organization or would like to help out, their web address is

So for the items I intended on selling I decided to draft a list of all the usual suspects ie: hot favorites for the Cape Town crowd; and through the process of elimination select a few varieties from there.

Carrot, Chocolate-Cherry and Vanilla-Strawberry Cupcakes

I promise you it was crazy as I had so many idea’s in my mind, but eventually I went with a chocolate cupcake with a double twist, a vanilla cupcake 1 way, the famous carrot cupcakes with cream cheese/lemon frosting and mini apple and milk tarts… to show her support my mom baked biscuits to add to the list.

Chocolate Ganache with Cherry Frosting

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache center with a cherry butter cream frosting

Chocolate Cherry and Vanilla Strawberry Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes with a cherry compote center and a chocolate ganache frosting and vanilla cupcakes with strawberry compote center and a strawberry butter-cream frosting

Apple and Custard Tartlets

Mini Apple and Custard Tartlets

I started baking around 7:00am and probably finished a few minutes short of mid-night. I hear some of you saying CRAZY…. but I had so much fun. I set my laptop on Myspace and created a compilation play list of French cafe, Latin contemporary and of course some country music. Singing along and baking my heart out.

The excitement kept me going whilst trading at the market, and all in all I think it was a great day. The weather was awesome, and although I didn’t attract as many customers as I had hoped; despite making some good profit, I am sure it will get better with every try. The ultimate goal is to begin establishing a data base of customers who order regularly so I can slowly begin to move my baking from hobby status to  full time business.

View of the mountain from the market

View of the mountain from the market

A very proud Me

A very proud Me

Table delights

Table delights

The next trade date is the 16 March 2013… bring some cash and a keen eye for a great bargain. I really hope to see you all there.



About Shani's CakeCouture

I am a qualified social worker... who works for an IT company and loves, loves, loves baking. My two very adorable dogs basically rule my life with their cuteness and I have a loving, supportive husband who needs to deal with it all...

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  1. Wishing you great success. Your cakes are so yummy. A real delight for the taste buds.LOOKING FORWARD to a special treat at the high tea.


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