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New tools and gadgets…

New tools and gadgets…
I must be the luckiest gal out there… I had my eye on a Kitchen Aid Mixer for ages; specially since most of the bloggers I follow have them. They not only come in the most delectable colours, but just seal the deal on your blogger-baker status. So thank-you to the most adoring husband for blessing me with this super awesome surprise.
KitchenAid in Pinks
K-Mixer in Lumo Pink
I am probably getting way ahead of myself here, so let me just add that I did not get the Kitchen Aid in pink, or one of the lumo K-Mixers…. but I did get a Kenwood Chef Premier KMC570 in a rustic silver with hectic attachments and add on’s… it is so awesome!! Now my trusted hand mixer can focus on the light work, like whipping cream or beating eggs whilst my new work horse; packing 1000W power can carry the heavy load.
I am however so sorry I have a day job right now as I have yet to try my new gem out. My mind is just racing with new idea’s and the joy that my baking experience will now be…. as I hear there is more fun baking with free hands:-)
I have been following “Claireabellemakes” blog and she recently shared my excitement about a stand mixer; and to my pleasant surprise has also been waiting patiently for the moment she could give it a first try. Just as she has done, I would also like to christen my mixer with a new and exciting sweet treat I have never had the guts to make.
So I am asking all of you to please post some great idea’s that you think I could make with my new mixer as a first time use…. there is a great prize up for grabs for the winning suggestion – watch this space for more information about the prize – so please share my page with friends and family on Facebook.
The prize will be given to the winning suggestion that comes from one of my blog followers (regrettably only for the C.T area)…. so please press follow if you want to be part of the competition.
I am really looking forward to the suggestions and I’ll post the full details of the competition soon.
                                                                             Happy Baking

Belated Happy New Year

Belated Happy New Year
Hi All
It has been 3 months, almost 4, since my last post – absolutely shocking!!!! I feel horribly for starting the new year off so late and not even ending off last year with a Christmas post. 
So Happy Belated New Year to all of you – I hope that the new and exciting things to come this year will bring with it new adventures for me as a novas blogger-baker and increased interaction from you guys. I really do enjoy reading your posts.
I plan on sharing a bunch of pictures of all the fun and creative things I’ve been up to over the past few months and I trust that you will enjoy it. If you have questions or would like me to post demo video’s or full recipes let me know and I will do so.
As I am sure some of you may know, my dream is to have a coffee shop someday and I am steadily working on that dream one cupcake at a time. Maybe just to share…. I’ve been occupying a great deal of free time on perfecting new recipes and really expanding my portfolio. I’ve also taken some bold steps out of the supportive and comforting environment of family and close friends by exposing my product to complete strangers.
I’ve really had so much fun with my baking lately and it’s thanks to the awesomeness of my husband , mom, dad and sister – I really could not have done it without them. Always willing to taste-test new idea’s and provide honest feedback and criticisms that make the next attempt so much closer to perfection. 
Well here are some of what I’ve been up to… please leave your thoughts, idea’s and general comments – as I’ve said so many times I really do appreciate and enjoy them.
I went to a Christmas decorating workshop with a dear friend and was delighted at the cute and simple ideas for place settings, cake toppers or edible Christmas tree decorations.
Christmas Fondant Decorations
Since this workshop I’ve been purchasing cool plunger cutters, that make creating these great decorations a little easier.
As you know purchasing Christmas or even Birthday gifts can be extremely expensive if you have a large family or even difficult when you’re not sure what to get. I find that baking or making something useful is a wonderful way of  getting around this.
So below are the gifts that family and friends received this Christmas past. Either a cupcake box with chocolate and carrot cupcakes or two mini bunt chocolate and carrot cakes. The large carrot cake was a gift I made for my sister to give to someone special.
Christmas Gift Cupcakes and Cakes
Really special because you can just taste the love with every bite:-)
I’ve also been following some awesome blogs, which I will share with you, that have the coolest idea’s and video tutorials that make picking up the technique so simple. I have to add it requires a bit of out of the box thinking from our side; as South African’s, as so many of the ingredients or products we don’t have here. I substitute a great deal of the items with things I can find locally and more often than not it’s a perfect substitute.
Like these window cookies…. aren’t they pretty. A real treat for birthdays or themed tea parties. I also got a yuppie chef voucher from my adoring sister so I got some letter press cutters which work a treat…
Vanilla and Chocolate Cookies
I promise to post again soon… enjoy the rest of your days and as always…
                                                                        ♥Happy Baking♥

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