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What I’ve been up to lately

I know that it has been a very long while since I have posted anything… I have missed it so much, but life needed living and I guess it all just got so busy, I kinda lost track of time. We’ve also had such sad news to deal with as a family, but I’m back and we’re doing better.
I haven’t done anything to exciting whilst being so quiet though so you haven’t missed much. I did make some after dinner dessert in the past weeks and I find this treat quick, easy and very inexpensive. Here in South Africa we refer to it as a Pancake, but in the love capital of France they call it the Crepe.

There are many different variants of this age old sweet treat, that can be converted to something savory, but I’m not much of a fan of that option. Well overdue, but I am trying out a new healthy buzz… so the next posts may very well echo that trend. I don’t promise it’ll last long, as a well deserved treat every now and then can’t be all bad.
Staying on the European continent I also made some scones last Sunday, had tea with my Mom, Dad and little sister; which I loved so much.  I did the traditional jam and cream… although I used cherry jam it made for a great change to the usual Sunday cake or tart.

Like the pancake the scone also has so many variations to it’s recipe, I guess it boils down to personal preference. One  universal truth is that it’s definitely not the best option if your planning on keeping it and serving the next day or so. It’s a make now to enjoy now type of treat and I’ve tried different recipe’s, but it’s still best served fresh out the oven.

If you don’t have a clue where to find a recipe for pancakes or scones or even how to choose which option is better you should try Google. If I taste something new for the first time or have a bee in my bonnet to make something and I don’t find the recipe in one of my many books that’s what I do. I often use they really are worth checking out when you have some time as you can get lost scrolling through all the wonderful sweet and savory treats.
Well I trust you will all have a great week-end and since the weather doesn’t look great for to much outdoor activities and it is a Rugby week-end, why not make some pancakes or scones to cheer on the Boks!
                                                                              Happy Baking

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