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Long gone are the days of your regular fruitcake covered in marzipan, with a bit of ribbon for colour wedding cakes, or millions of frilly layers that have no baring to the theme of the wedding at all; because brides are becoming a lot more daring and creative – making the wedding cake as important as the veil or bouquet.

However due to its trending popularity the wedding cake has become so expensive resulting in many people finding it far less important, I have heard many brides say they would much rather spend what they have left in the budget on a cake, or ditch the cake for more flowers or food… but I hope that after this post you change your mind, as there is so much symbolism behind it all; other than being a great treat and wonderful way to capture age-old tradition with a bit of a modern twist. So just fall in-love with the idea of a beautiful cake for your very special occasion.

You don’t have to settle for a Fruitcake… you can have your cake in whatever type or flavour you want

You can decide how you would like to interpret the symbolism behind the wedding cake and I will also share mine a little later, but the historical meaning dates back to Queen Victoria and her marriage to Prince Albert in 1840. The cake was there to symbolise purity, hence the white colour and therefore a reflection of the bride. However times have changed significantly and so has the symbolism… as it now reflects the re-affirmation of the wedding vows, hinging on commitment to each other; hence the cutting of the cake together and the bride feeding the groom and vice versa.

Your wedding cake can be used as a reminder of how you met or a representation of common interests that you share or an expression of your love for each other… or just to add to the theme of your wedding day.

From Hallo Kitty to Schreck, Indian or Scottish whatever your theme or inspiration

Or if you fancy a little something a more elaborate and fairytale like

But if you are tired of the traditional Wedding Cake and fancy yourself a bit of an individual or just one for more than the norm and a way to totally rebel against it all you could consider the following Wedding cake options

Savory… Pizza, Pork-Pie, Sandwich Stacker or Cheese? Not really my idea of enjoyable

Alternatively the total opposite and  you’ve got Marshmallow, Sugar Ring Doughnut or a Candy Assortment

The bride and groom figurines have also had a makeover and are no longer just two static figures standing side by side. You can even make your own with Fondant or otherwise known as Plastic Icing and again be as creative as your talent or budget allows

Weddings are meant to be an enjoyable, special and memorable occasion representing the Bride and Groom as individuals but also as a couple going into life to start something new and exciting… so why not make it fun?

Yes, a bride to be and if the groom is dragged around has a tough job deciding on just the right wedding cake, as it all matters – the theme, the size, the style, the decor. I was kinda lucky that my husband left it all up to me and I can tell you I had super fun. I decided to go with the Cupcake Wedding Cake for many reasons, practicality being one for obvious reasons.

Just like with the multi-layers you can be as creative as you want and also theme and colour co-ordinate your cupcakes. The single large round or square cake on the top is an optional extra and usually used for effect.

I made my own wedding cake and the reward is the fact that I know I had a great tasting and good-looking cake that reflected and symbolised everything I am… and sort of doubled up as a gesture to my husband as well as to my guests as they shared in my small thanks and appreciation.

Sneak peak of my wedding day

My Wedding Cake

I decided to have a Vintage themed wedding so I hope my cake reflects that, I also broke away from the popular chocolate or vanilla sponge and decided to have a carrot cake with lemon-creamcheese frosting. I would love to hear some of your thoughts and comments about it as I am eager to know what your take is on the amount of money one should spend on a wedding cake.

Happy Wedding planning and cake shopping



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I am a qualified social worker... who works for an IT company and loves, loves, loves baking. My two very adorable dogs basically rule my life with their cuteness and I have a loving, supportive husband who needs to deal with it all...

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