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Black Forest…

Hi all, I had some very precious friends over this past week-end so I did a simple cheese board with snacks and my first ever Black Forest Chocolate Cake.
I think the first trick to any cake is to always ensure that once it’s baked it needs to cool correctly before any decor is added; especially if your using creams or chocolate you don’t want melted.

I made my regular chocolate cake mixture, baked it off and let it cool. I know that there is a variety of Cocoa powders on the market, but I prefer to use the Bournville by Cadbury; as it just gives it that rich chocolate colour and taste. For the Black Forest Cake I also went with the Bournville chocolate, which I melted. If you like a sweeter taste you are welcome to use  any other variety.
I also whipped some cream and bought some canned black cherries, a flake and some peacan nuts to sprinckle.  You can be as creative as you like and there are no real hard or fast rules . I also lightly sprinkled some Old Brown Sherry on the two layers of my chocolate sponge before I began to layer or decorate it. If you do not drink alcohol you can leave it out, it’s not a requirement… it just adds that extra touch of authenticity
Step by step…
1. I melted my dark chocolate and poured a little on the first layer (the base)
2.Before it hardened I placed the cherries on top… make sure you cover the whole surface with the fruit to bring out the taste
3. You can then drop a nice spoon or two in the middle, avoiding to spread to far out the sides
4. Place the second layer on top of this and push it down until the layers are comfortably placed on top of each other
5. Pour the remaining melted chocolate over the top, if you prefer a more gateau glaze then add a touch of milk or cream just to make it slightly smooth; which will prevent it from hardening on the top
6. How you decided to decorate from here on is up to you… be as creative as you like and if you can’t think of anything just Google some great images for inspiration .
This was my end result

View from the top
I would love to hear from you… any thoughts or comments? I really enjoyed making this and it’s definitely going to be one for the favorites bookmark.
                                                                      Happy Baking
                                                                   Cupcake Couture

About Shani's CakeCouture

I am a qualified social worker... who works for an IT company and loves, loves, loves baking. My two very adorable dogs basically rule my life with their cuteness and I have a loving, supportive husband who needs to deal with it all...

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  1. Marilyn Elizabeth Pamplin

    I enjoyed the cake up to the last crumb.

  2. As I am a garden gnome, I don’t get around much – unless someone abducts me and takes me on a trip. I have been in forests of all colours in my time – black, green…. you name it but I have never seen a cake in any of them. This one looks like it may have my name written on it so next time you make one, a slice placed in front of me would not go amiss. Us gnomes may always look happy but we need the odd cake or cookie to keep that smile on our countenances.

  3. Hi Shani congrats on your website/pg. Iam so excited and enjoyed reading every article. I am definitely going to use these wonderful recipes and enjoy it. Keep up the good work. Regards Yvonne


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